Our Work

Stef & Anthony kowalczyk's Wedding Film.
Ford Mustang
There is performance and then there is perfection. Why not have both with the Mustang GT350R made for the track but designed for you. Visit Ciocca Ford Of Quakertown Today!
Ford F-150
The 2018 Ford F-150 Platinum. Luxury and Power meet to create a vehicle truly meant for those who work all day. Visit Ciocca Ford of Quakertown today!
Pixel 3XL Review
The smartest phone on the market. Google Pixel 3 XL Real Review. After having the Google Pixel 3 XL for a week I wanted share my thoughts and what I call a Real Review. This isn't an in depth review however if you curious about the phone this video should help sum it up.
HydroGenie Product Demo
Three ways to easily consume molecular hydrogen to ease pain, reduce inflammation, and fight fatigue.
HydroGenie Set Up
How to get your HydroGenie up and running.
Lukie’s Fall Festival Promo
Lukie's Fall Festival. A festival dedicated to bring awareness to SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy). To learn more visit Lukie's Fall Festival Facebook page
The Festival
The story of Luke, SMA and how the festival came to be.
Take time out of your day to view the world around you. What is beautiful to you? What moments take your breathe away? This is Los Angeles and in the two days I filmed; these were my moments.
Lexi Music Video
Chronic-LEXI (Official Video)
Graphics Demo
Example work.